Foundation Certificate And International Certification Train

Foundation Certificate in Accounting is one of the professional certifications from the Learning Institute of New York. This course is designed to give general information about financial accounting principles and practice. The basic subjects covered are accounts receivable, accounts payable, budgeting, eliminating uncollected cash, balancing the books, principles of accounting principles, business mathematics and additional subjects like mathematical analysis, statistics and computing. These courses are intended for students who wish to become certified accountants or Certified Public Accountant aat level 2.


The foundation is a four-year program, which can be started by those who have not completed higher education and has a high school diploma. After completion of the courses, an individual can get foundation certification. It is always good to get certified because with this certification, you can look for jobs in different fields. Moreover, the foundation certificate helps in getting financial analyst positions and other managerial and supervisory positions in accounting firms. If you have a Bachelors degree or a Masters Degree in accounting, then this program will definitely be helpful for your career growth.


Most of the online courses offered in New York are approved by the Department of State’s Board of Equalization, which holds the responsibility for ensuring that the courses conform to the criteria imposed by the law. Some of the courses like bookkeeping and financial management courses may require a passing grade of A+ in order to be considered successful for a foundation certificate. Other courses are meant to help people understand the basics of accounting including calculating taxes. The courses help students in understanding how various accounting methods work and gain a better knowledge of financial statements, balance sheets, profit and loss statement and other related financial documentation aat level 3.


Besides the basic courses, there are specialized courses as well. One of these is the International Accounting Certificate Program, which is targeted at professionals who have experience in international finance and accounting systems. Apart from teaching students the basics of accounting and introduce them to the concepts associated with the accounting system, the International Accounting Certificate Program trains students in international business standards of taxation, securities markets, auditing standards, and other related financial information. This program also helps students to read financial statements, prepare international ledgers and obtain international bank deposits and loans. With the aid of International Accounting Certificate Program students can become certified accountants in a period of 12 months.


New York Culinary Institute also offers a culinary arts training course for its aspiring students. Students interested in pursuing an Associate of Science in the Kitchen and Food Management can choose between the Food Service Management and the Restaurant Management course. Both courses help students to understand the principles of food preparation and management as well as the administrative aspects of a restaurant organization. Students who want to pursue higher studies in accounting can also go for any of the online courses offered in New York. These include the New York Financial Planning Certificate, New York Restaurant Management Certificate and New York Home Business Management Certificate.


New York also has a number of other professional courses as well. Some of these include the Associate of Arts in General Studies, the Bachelor of Science in Nursing and Security Studies and the Master of Science in Education. While choosing a program, one should keep in mind the course that suits him/her the best. It is also advisable to check out whether the institute provides placement facility or not. Placements are often a great way to test the authenticity of the programs and to get a feel of the work environment.