The Best Postage Boxes for Packaging

Postal boxes, sometimes called mailing boxes or postal trucks, are an ideal packaging solution for mailing single items. And if you are shipping a complete package to just one client, individual postal boxes are also suitable. You can even have your entire collection shipped in one box. You can purchase any size of box and custom design it according to your needs.


There are four main types of postal boxes in use today: oversized letter envelopes (also known as post office paper envelops), standard sized mailboxes, foam lined boxes and corrugated boxes. All these sizes of packaging solution come in various shapes, sizes and capacities. However, each one is capable of handling a particular size of mailing or package. Here’s a general overview of the different types of packaging solutions for the different sizes of postal boxes cardboard boxes:


Overweight Letter Envelopes These are typically used for sending bulk packages to businesses and other organizations that require such packages. For mailing heavy items, these are usually best suited with the help of postal trucks. You can easily stack them up to a maximum of 15 stacking capacity and hence can send a large number of postcards and other items with ease. Postage for such envelops is calculated based on weight so you need to choose a high value, pre-paid envelopes that will help you save money. You can purchase these from any local post office.


Standard Postage Boxes-These are available in various sizes and can be customized as per your requirements. There are many online stores where you can order these postal boxes with different sizes at affordable postage rates. This option is best suited for sending medium value items like newspapers, magazines etc. however, if you want to send small parcels then foam lined boxes will be the best option for you. You can customize these by including a postcard or a note.


Customized Postage Packages that is purchased in bulk can be sent using these specially customized postal boxes. It is a convenient option as you will get different sizes and shapes based on what you need. For example, if you need a large parcel then the best suited option is the oversized size. Most of these boxes are manufactured in a circular shape, so it is easy for you to package your goods in an appropriate way. For international shipping you can choose from flat bottomed and also those that have side handles. This will make the package lighter so that it can be carried easily postal boxes.


You can find different types of mailing options available online as well. There are websites that offer complete solutions to all your packaging requirements. You can choose from foam lined, padded, corrugated, corner and self sealed postal boxes. You can order these by filling up an online form and within a few days you can receive your product.